They came with a smile
that she couldn't fathom.
She was on the clouds
and thanked her stars!

Time was witness
for the smile was wicked.
Like seasons witchcraft
from whites to greens,
Their colors too changed
not to greens,
but to dirty greys.
She was devastated,
She felt betrayed,
Her fear came true,
when she saw those claws!
They cut through her,
straight to the heart;
Bleeding her ,scaring her.
She lost her trust,
in good and bad.
Her eyes got blurred,
She cant see what's true.

Slowly she withdrew,
to her inner shell.
For she feared the brutal
         blows again!
That wasn't enough for them
         she didn't know.
'Coz they thought her shell
was a shield of pride and

--Priya Pramod