When eyebrows raise,ignorant of your strengths -Smile!When they frown,mocking at you -Walk!When Fingers point at you,ignorant of your ability -Don't flinch!When words are heaped,like toxin -Focus!When they think you will break -Rise!--Priya PramodPC :Pexels , Copyright : Priya's Visuals

May I help or not ?

How much good a person you should be ? Isn’t it tricky a question? We try to teach children to be empathetic / kind and helpful. Completely agreeing it’s good intent. But can it be applied to all . Do everyone understand and respect kindness/ helpfulness ? I strongly believe empathy is a great quality.... Continue Reading →


Look at me as a woman of identity, for I am not anyone's shadow. Look at me as a woman of maturity for I am no child for anyone's game. Look at me as a woman of her words, for I own my decisions. Look at me as a woman of courage, for I can... Continue Reading →

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