Down the deep dungeon,
The corridors dark.
Screams of the prisoners,
Echoed on the cold stones.

Bleeding and in pain,
Some were half-dead .
How many came and went,
No one counted.

The castle was majestic,
All glorious and lit.
Prisoners were tokens –
Of victory and valor.
Questions rang,
In those helpless souls –
How are we enemies?
What is our sin?


Stay Blessed 🙂
— Priya Pramod

Copyrights : Priya’s Visuals , PC: Pexels

She is my first Best friend.As a Baby, I started to walk holding her hand – My Mother .She is a brilliant academician ,a Rank holder Post Graduate in Physics . She always have this aura of confidence which came from the great principles and values she upheld.I admire the way she conducted herself.She never devalued my opinions/choices even as a child.She was instrumental in building self-respect in me.

I understand how much effort she have put as a working lady juggling her time between her work and children.She was very very particular about our academics ,at the same time, She used to write pages of speech for my elocution competition ,teach me Hindi/English poems for recitation competitions, take me to dance competitions,send me to painting/drawing/music classes- all at the same time while battling her allergy issues and doing her extra office work at home.She inspires me to be a better mother everyday.

When I say about my mom,its never complete without my dad. My parents as a couple have shown me how beautiful and deep a husband-wife bond should be. Their beautiful bond based on equality,sincerity, deep trust, transparency and unconditional love is my reference book for a lifetime as a wife.

She battled many health issues through out her life, including Cancer. She survived or I should say ,’they’ survived. My dad was completely with her in all her battles. In her Post- Cancer phase ,she faced many more health issues and I have seen my mom becoming fragile. Thinking back ,now I realize it was because the disease had taken a toll and I as a teenager was not completely aware of it. She never wanted her children to know the depths of the struggle they both went through while fighting it , because it might affect our academics.She always wanted her children to fly high,to chase their dreams, but truthfully and ethically.Even when she was having severe Hip joint issues and her mobility got limited, she encouraged us to go grab the good opportunities that destiny sent our way.

She is the reason why I don’t have any stage fright ,even if I am an introvert.
She is the one who enrolled me for a computer course,(back in 1990, in my 3rd grade, when computers were not a common household gadget) , that paved my interest in programming and eventually made me a Software Engineer later in life. She is the one who got me a children’s library membership which cultivated my interest in literature or rather any books. Thus I started reading books,now write a blog.

I realise, She was so instrumental in building me yet she never forced anything on me. It’s 3 years today(May 11), that she left this physical world.But for me she continues to live as everything in me, be it my self-respect , my choices, my life.

Her daughter,
Priya Pramod

Like a leaf on water ,
You float.
Something is holding you,
from sinking into abyss.
It’s your Hope.
It can do that.
It negates the forces,
that drowns you.
You feel weightless;
Off all the burdens.
Hold on to it,
like roots to the soil.
Nothing will stop you.

Stay Happy 🙂
-Priya Pramod

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They waited at my doorstep,
Flowers, so beautiful.
They didn’t know ,
that I chose to be in my world.
They waited there ,
As much as I waited to go to them.
Both futile.
They couldn’t come in
and I couldn’t go.
The wait was so long ,
that they started to wither.
They bid Adieu!
To meet next Spring!

Positively 🙂
Priya Pramod

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Copyrights : Priya's Visuals PC:Pexels