Hey ! You beautiful soul,
Its OK to let go .
You can’t hold on to all.
When they cling ,manipulate,
You believe you should hold,
Even if you suffer!
Wish them understood your pain.
But No! And It’s OK too.
Turn your head , look around,
There is goodness out there!
Give that your soul,
Your are needed.
So , it’s OK to let go !

Positively 😊
Priya Pramod

Copyrights : Priya's Visuals PC:Pexels

February 20, 2020

Have you ever felt that you start reading a book and after going through the first few pages it becomes laborious to read it and eventually leave the book thinking you are not the book’s type or vice versa? After many years you again stumble upon the same book and you finish the whole book in one go!

For me this had happened with few very famous titles. One such reading experience was with the book -The Alchemist. I first tried reading it in the year 2007 when I was in my twenties. I remember hearing a lot about this book,while working in India . So I decided to give it a try, took it and started reading it only to find out that I am unable to enjoy what exactly the book is trying to tell me . So I left it mid way and thought I was not meant for such books! Years passed ,I hit my thirties, in the year 2018 I again happened to see this book while I was book hunting in a Barnes & Nobles ,Massachusetts. I bought the book and started reading it again . Voila! The book was so captivating that I read it in almost one go! 11 years ! I am glad the book found me again in another continent, in another country , in another decade when I was ready for it. Books are your greatest friends they know when you want them!Keep them closer !

Waiting to be ready for many more such marvelous companions!

Happy reading!


Priya Pramod.

How much good a person you should be ? Isn’t it tricky a question? We try to teach children to be empathetic / kind and helpful. Completely agreeing it’s good intent. But can it be applied to all . Do everyone understand and respect kindness/ helpfulness ?

I strongly believe empathy is a great quality. To understand, to literally feel what another person is going through is a great virtue. But I have also seen many empaths/ kind hearts being manipulated and made to believe that they should always be understanding and be good to those people who often don’t treat them well. Isn’t it necessary that along with encouraging kindness/ understanding,we should also encourage recognizing where such good intentions are being ‘used’ or rather ‘misused’ by certain people ? Isn’t it also necessary to teach children to say a ‘BIG NO’ to such people who take your kindness for granted?

Positively 😊

– Priya Pramod

What is the source of your happiness?

I guess we should think this once in a while. In this mundane chaos of a lifestyle we might be forgetting that, we are unknowingly depending on other people/things to be happy. I know many people who think their happiness is in their parents/spouse/children or in the things they can buy etc.

Whenever our source of happiness is outside us ain’t we in trouble? We go behind other things/people demanding or pleading for our own happiness. (Out of love people around us might try to make us happy for as long as they can. ) But isn’t it more easy that we start finding happiness within ourselves first ? Positively! 😊

– Priya Pramod

You watch all the chaos
Still! , with out even a blink!
No one realizes you are there
They scream, thinking..
No one is seeing.
You are silent ,
You are the witness,
You are the omnipresent.
They know what they have done.
What they don’t know is,
You are present in them too.

Positively 🙂
— Priya Pramod